Looking forward to a romp through the park

TGIF!  No, seriously, TGIF!  It’s extremely difficult to concentrate under the inane buzzing of fluorescent lighting and confinement of cubicle walls when I can see how sunny it is outside.  Why must they torture me with huge picture windows that don’t open??  I’ve placed my (dying) bamboo plant by the sunny window in the hopes that it will come back to life and flourish–is this possibly a subtle metaphor for my life?  Haha, no, I think not.  That would be terribly depressing.

I am actually looking forward to this weekend.  Forecast of 80 degree weather (in Seattle!) all weekend.  That means: picnics, sun dresses, tanning, smiles all around, shaved legs, lots of wine, and grapes.  Among other things.  I realize how much my emotions are controlled by the weather.  It’s hard to stop smiling when it’s so beautiful (I’m convinced my coworkers think I’m crazy with my unwavering Cheshire cat look going on).

Ah, the park.  Bring. It. On.  I plan on having one picnic with my sister and one with this new guy I’m dating.  A guy aptly named Jesus.  Yes, that’s right, it seems I am dating everyone’s favorite savior and all-around good guy.  Hehehe.  Actually, Jesus is Colombian–that culture, shared among other Latin countries, that likes to name their children after the most influential bible figures.  Example: Maria Magdalena de la Cruz (Mary Magdalene of the Cross)  I don’t know about you, but that name would be a heavy cross to bear.  Oh, I am so punny!

To wrap it up: picnics, picnics, picnics!  And I plan on having a little dinner picnic on my tiny little lawn today as well, complete with a bottle of wine (yes, that is for myself) and some delicious food.  I might even through in a little Spanish to make it all that more of a cultural experience.  So bring it on May–I’m ready for you.

Happy weekend!