Should I be afraid of aliens?

It’s been a normal, rather dull Tuesday. I worked, I worked out (well, actually, that isn’t quite normal yet), I ran some errands. Dull, mundane, been-there, done-that. But my night has been quite interesting!

My friend invites me over for a movie. Now, generally I stay home and go to sleep early on the weekdays. But today I thought to myself, “Dammit Hayley! You are young! You are young and alive! Don’t give up on yourself just yet! Watch a flipping movie after 8–get crazy!” Turns out I can be quite convincing so I drove on over to my amigo’s place with a big bowl of Caesar salad in tow.

Nota bene: my friend used to be one of the “fitness consultants” at my old gym. He was always my favorite and we’ve reconnected since I switched gym memberships and he found a new job. He lives conveniently right across from this gym, in a house with 3?4? other people–all much older. My favorite roommate hands down is Tom, a 60 something day trader who literally has different women coming in and out of the house all the time (I’ve actually witnessed this!!) It’s a … colorful living situation. Now back to the story!

I show up with this salad and the first thing I notice is that everyone seems totally out of it. My amigo is drinking water through a paper towel to cure his hiccups. Tom is in the process of making burgers with a vodka/guava juice in one hand. Some woman is sitting staring at Jeopardy with her hair covering her eyes (creepy!) I just thought maybe everyone was already drunk–give me a drink too then, gosh darn it!

In my defense, I had only planned on eating this salad as a jump start into my new healthy eating plan. I definitely enjoyed that salad. Along with the cheese burger and watermelon that somehow ended up on my plate. No judgement!!

Amigo and I started to watch Dark Skies. If you’ve never seen or heard of it, that’s probably a good thing. *SPOILER ALERT* I’m not big on alien invasion but I wanted the thrill of a scary flick. I sailed through my meal but amigo kind of looked lost in his seat. Finally I realized that he was on something and it was having a strong effect on him. He was totally lethargic. He asked for the time and when I told him it was 9, he was so convinced and shocked that it was already 9 am. *Face palm*. He proceeded to fall asleep in a not so quiet fashion. Meanwhile, I was leaning closer and closer to the television trying to hear about the aliens while he moaned not so gracefully in his sleep. I was forced to wake him up and let’s just say he was rather shocked to see me. Hehehehe.

So now it’s dark outside, my friend’s drugged up, and I am now officially regretting this movie. My personal safety against extraterrestrials is now being questioned.

It didn’t help that when I got home I realized that everyone else is out for the night. Perfect. I am alone and my only weapons are my words and I don’t think that will ever work against E.T.’s crazy cousins. Though, when I think about it, not working out might actually work out to my favor. I might actually be too heavy or pudgy for the aliens to get on their ship. They might end up realizing I am not worth all the energy. So there you have it folks–the morals of this story:

1) Caesar salad is best left at home for consumption
2) Never watch a scary movie if your friend has take anti-anxiety medication
3) Exercise might give you that six pack, but will it save you from aliens? Actually, don’t answer that.



When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie!

Phew!  What a weekend it was.  Fully enjoyable though pretty hectic.  Most of it involved eating breakfast out and then sloshing through the day in a food comma brought on courtesy of Pete’s Eggnest in Greenwood and Beth’s Cafe in Green Lake.  The rest was spent volunteering at an animal shelter (which means I fell in love with all the cats and have spent copious amounts of time thinking about how I can fit them all comfortably into my house), watching Amityville Horror for the first time (remake with Ryan Reynolds=me oscillating between being horrified by his evil ways and being strangely turned on by his rock hard, wood chopping body), and buying books at the Seattle Public Library annual book sale.  I bought Zack the very special Penis Book.  He loved it, I’m sure.

But was I the only one who saw the most amazing moon Saturday night?  It hung right over the Space Needle and all the downtown towers in the most surreal spectacle.  Meanwhile, the sunset continued to cast a glow on the shiny buildings, creating a halo of darkness around it lit brightly by this moon of all moons.  Gorgeous, beautiful, wish you were here!  No wonder so many people were crowded into Kerry Park.  I enjoyed a lovely picnic with Zack and my best friend, Lucy, in the meantime.

How can I ever complain about anything when such wonder still exists all around us?  I may be cynical at times but seeing something as simple yet breathtaking as a full moon makes me happy and idealistic again.  As though anything is possible.

Maybe it is just as simple as that.

Cool Serenity

Cool Serenity

Livin’ La Vida Loca (Or at least trying …)

Friday.  That word just rolls of my tongue.  It’s been a rather uninteresting week on the work end but it’s gone by fast nonetheless.  This may be due to the fact that my boyfriend is (FINALLY!) returned from Spain and can now lavish me with long overdue attention.  Which means we went on a lot of dates this week.  We watched the new Superman (I looked longingly at Henry Cavill while trying to figure out how best to suggest that Zack tries to go for that buff, “I will protect you if it’s the last thing I do” body).  We ate Mexican food at El Chupacabra in Phinney Ridge–honestly though, what kind of respectable eating establishment that serves shrimp tacos also plays heavy metal music all through the night??  We hit up a bar downtown last night for drinks with his coworker.  We’re taking our sweet time getting through “This is 40”.  (It’s been 4 days and we still have 30 minutes to go!).  So, yes, this week has gone by fast.

Cue this weekend!  Tonight is “Classy Ladies” night with my high school bf.  Tomorrow is the Fremont Solstice Festival/Parade.  Sunday, I’m depleting my bank account to go buy books at the Seattle Library book sale.  I foresee great things happening this weekend.  I also foresee a lot of money spent on booze and books (at least I’m an intellectual drunk).  Heck, I might even throw in a few hours (Read: 1 hr max) at the gym while I’m feeling productive and alive.

I just got myself all excited for what lies ahead and then I snap my head up and take in the fluroscent lights and ringing phones–dammit, I’m still at work for another few hours.  Gods above!!  Is there no mercy?!?!?!  How to make this day go faster!?!?!?!?!

Lunch break, anyone?