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Livin’ La Vida Loca (Or at least trying …)

Friday.  That word just rolls of my tongue.  It’s been a rather uninteresting week on the work end but it’s gone by fast nonetheless.  This may be due to the fact that my boyfriend is (FINALLY!) returned from Spain and can now lavish me with long overdue attention.  Which means we went on a lot of dates this week.  We watched the new Superman (I looked longingly at Henry Cavill while trying to figure out how best to suggest that Zack tries to go for that buff, “I will protect you if it’s the last thing I do” body).  We ate Mexican food at El Chupacabra in Phinney Ridge–honestly though, what kind of respectable eating establishment that serves shrimp tacos also plays heavy metal music all through the night??  We hit up a bar downtown last night for drinks with his coworker.  We’re taking our sweet time getting through “This is 40”.  (It’s been 4 days and we still have 30 minutes to go!).  So, yes, this week has gone by fast.

Cue this weekend!  Tonight is “Classy Ladies” night with my high school bf.  Tomorrow is the Fremont Solstice Festival/Parade.  Sunday, I’m depleting my bank account to go buy books at the Seattle Library book sale.  I foresee great things happening this weekend.  I also foresee a lot of money spent on booze and books (at least I’m an intellectual drunk).  Heck, I might even throw in a few hours (Read: 1 hr max) at the gym while I’m feeling productive and alive.

I just got myself all excited for what lies ahead and then I snap my head up and take in the fluroscent lights and ringing phones–dammit, I’m still at work for another few hours.  Gods above!!  Is there no mercy?!?!?!  How to make this day go faster!?!?!?!?!

Lunch break, anyone?


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