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When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie!

Phew!  What a weekend it was.  Fully enjoyable though pretty hectic.  Most of it involved eating breakfast out and then sloshing through the day in a food comma brought on courtesy of Pete’s Eggnest in Greenwood and Beth’s Cafe in Green Lake.  The rest was spent volunteering at an animal shelter (which means I fell in love with all the cats and have spent copious amounts of time thinking about how I can fit them all comfortably into my house), watching Amityville Horror for the first time (remake with Ryan Reynolds=me oscillating between being horrified by his evil ways and being strangely turned on by his rock hard, wood chopping body), and buying books at the Seattle Public Library annual book sale.  I bought Zack the very special Penis Book.  He loved it, I’m sure.

But was I the only one who saw the most amazing moon Saturday night?  It hung right over the Space Needle and all the downtown towers in the most surreal spectacle.  Meanwhile, the sunset continued to cast a glow on the shiny buildings, creating a halo of darkness around it lit brightly by this moon of all moons.  Gorgeous, beautiful, wish you were here!  No wonder so many people were crowded into Kerry Park.  I enjoyed a lovely picnic with Zack and my best friend, Lucy, in the meantime.

How can I ever complain about anything when such wonder still exists all around us?  I may be cynical at times but seeing something as simple yet breathtaking as a full moon makes me happy and idealistic again.  As though anything is possible.

Maybe it is just as simple as that.


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