My dog is secretly a Russian spy



I’m in a glass case of emotion!

I’m completely and utterly excited because I get to go home tonight for a long weekend in California with my family!! Finally!

On another note, watch Hamlet 2. It’s a funny film that has not been thoroughly appreciated by the masses. Watching that movie and eating the delicious salad that Zack and I prepared yesterday really helped bring me back to reality. The protagonist’s problems really put my own into perspective and suddenly, everything isn’t so bad!

Fact: In less than 12 hours I will be headed home on a plane to be greeted my mother, sister, and … drum roll please! … the love of my life–my pug, Lola. And life will be wonderful again!

The Long, Hot Summer

Too damn hot!

I had a wonderful weekend.  No doubt.  I did a lot–I hung out with the bff, I hung out with the bf, I went to the beach, I went to the zoo.  It was wonderful, except for one little detail … IT WAS TOO DAMN HOT.

Here it is folks.  I moved to the Pacific Northwest under the explicit understanding that Seattle is rain-ridden and dreary.  Lo and behold, the temperature the last few days has been up near the 90s and the only thing close to rain has been the incredible humidity caused by the occasional shower.  It has all led to the feeling that I never really left the Midwest.  The Midwest followed me to Seattle!!

The one source of comfort in this time of panic?  An old fan left in my safekeeping by my collegiate sister.  It might not be fancy, it sure as heck ain’t that pretty, but gosh darn if it doesn’t do its job.  Who says newer is better?  The only respite from the heat was having that little fan whirring through the night to provide a cool stream of air.  Phew!

The weather is slowly cooling down but my sanity is still on the line should Seattle continue to play the heat game with me.  Thankfully, I have a solution!  This includes the following:

1) inflatable kiddie pool

2) water (check)

3) a mixed drink of any kind, preferably a pina colada

I can totally imagine myself sitting lazily in this said pool with drink in hand and a smirk on my lips because I have indeed foiled the sun’s apocalyptic destruction agenda.

**Yes, I realize I may be a tad over dramatic since the temperature here has really been only in the high 80s and there are far worse places to be at this moment in time.  However, I am a California girl and I am acclimated to weather that falls between the cool 50s and the almost-too-warm 70s, a.k.a. “perfect weather”.  Might I remind you that you can take the girl out of California but you can’t take the California out of the girl!**

On another note–watch This is the End!  How do I put this?  You know when you laugh so hard that you stop making noise all together and then you’re fighting to regain control of your breath but to an onlooker it looks as though you’re just a constipated mime?  Yes, that happened to me at least twice during the movie.  Yes, it was somewhat offensive at times.  Yes, you do need to have a good sense of humor (mine’s finely tuned if I do say so myself). Yes, you do need to see this movie with someone who will appreciate it too.  Believe me–you might even be able to skip your daily ab workout with this quirky film.