Winter is here

Blurgh.  The rainy season has descended upon Seattle like a vengeful Viking god!

Not that I don’t like the rain.  Generally rain is good: rain makes things green, rain cleans the air, rain creates perfect opportunities for veg fests!

However, rain is not always so wonderful when you are stuck inside an office all day.  Suddenly any energy I had is zapped away and coffee is consumed more in an effort to stay warm than in any hope of alertness.  Coupled with a lack of sleep last night, rain makes me feel just a tiny bit crazy!

I have a feeling that this winter might be bringing in the blues along with the greens.

On another tangent–does anyone else deal with insomnia?  I honestly can’t remember the last time I slept through a whole night to wake up rested.  My tendency toward being a light sleeper, coupled with anxiety around darkness, lends to night after night of restless sleep punctuated by moments of alertness.  I would appreciate if anyone has suggestions on how to counter this issue.  What remedies do you recommend?  Is there an end to this madness??

Sigh … at least I can look forward to a happy hour pint in less than an hour (although I might get a little wet on the journey to the pub) …