Vacationing in Vancouver Part 1: Prep

It’s Thursday, which is almost Friday, so I’m feeling pretty peppy today!  More so because I’ll be heading to Vancouver soon for a little R&R.  I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long to get up there since it’s a mere +/- 3hr drive from Seattle.

I have heard wonderful things about Vancouver.  Someone told me it’s the Los Angeles of British Columbia (that may be a stretch).  Yes, it will be cold there at this time of year, but there’s nothing I love more than bundling up for a brisk walk in a new city**

This all being said, there is a certain amount of preparation that needs to be done when traveling to a new city/country/culture.

  1. Snacks and drinks must be procured for the duration of the drive so as to avoid hanger
  2. Appropriate clothing must be packed (but I never actually have weather-appropriate clothing, so good luck to me)
  3. Passport must be located from whatever dark recess its been hiding in
  4. Lodging and food must be researched for maximum enjoyment and relaxation

So, good people of the internet, I need advice.  Has anyone been to Vancouver?  Any recommendations on things to see, places to eat, where the best coffee is (I am a Seattleite, after all), people to meet?  Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!

Oh the places I will go …

**as I write that, I realize that this is not necessarily a true fact anymore after my weekend in Montreal this past October–but that’s a whole other post