November: The Introduction to the Holiday Season!

I was simply amazed this weekend when I started to watch a show on the telly and the commercials had already begun incorporating Christmas into their advertising.  The day after Halloween and I already hear the familiar sounds of sleigh bells and ho-ho-hos leaking through consumer television.  What the what?!  Don’t get me wrong–I love the holiday season more than pretty much anything (alright, not as much as I love my dogs or hot sauce) but this is just WRONG.  How dare this precious season start earlier than necessary merely for the sake of consumer-driven greed!  Just … no.

On another note, please take heed of the following advice: always take care when shooting down a flaming shot of anything–you will easily singe eyelashes and/or hair (obviously this has happened to me) 

On another another note, please make sure to vote by/on Nov 4th!